"Manmade" global warming is a hoax or worse.

Note that even if anthropogenic global warming had been conclusively proven by the consistent results of repeatable, scientific method-based experiments, it remains that the states have never delegated to the feds, expressly via the Constitution, the specific power to regulate, tax and spend in the name of finding a remedy for global warming. If the states wanted the feds to find such a remedy the states would need to ratify an appropriate amendment to the Constitution imo.

Tourists enjoying a Newfoundland iceberg tour.

If you look at the “solution’ for global warming - the UN treaty, recently proposing to replace agenda 21 with a document even more radical (Global marxist government over all nations), you will know global warming is a hoax.They hoped to create so much fear, that people would all give over their nations to the UN for Marxist central planning, central bank power, centralized energy use control, water and land use/ownership, and redistribution of wealth - nation to nation. Americans know this “science” is far from settled. They have bought off the rich guys of the globe with the carbon trade scam.

Studies show the earth is actually cooling.

Global warming climate change is a scam to bilk tax-payer American money to the UN to fund third world nations and pocket some also.

Government files prove global warming is a hoax.
“Global warming” seems to be based on faulty science since other reports suggest we are heading for global cooling.

"It is simply a conspiracy to cover up new technologies like clean coal and .... shale oil fracking - Special Agent Jack Decker, CIA

"Global warming: it is a hoax. It is bad science. It is high-jacking public policy. It is the greatest scam in history" - John Coleman, The Weather Channel co-founder

"Yes it's true: global warming is a carefully constructed myth" - Dr. Richards (fictional character based on real life)